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 # ShowItem # ShowItem
-[[{buttons:bitcoin.png|floatright;}https://l.phoenx616.dev/showitemob|Buy on OpenBazaar]] +{:plugin:showitem:showitem_icon_small.png?nolink|}}With the ShowItem plugin you will be able to take full advantage of what Minecraft has to offer while working with items! It even takes it a step further and adds the ability to show an actual icon of the **item in the chat** as well as a **live view of the inventory and enderchest**!
-[[{buttons:dollar.png|float: right;}https://l.phoenix616.dev/showitempurchase|Buy on Spigot]]+
-Documentation for the [ShowItem plugin](https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/showitem.10133/).+This plugin also supports translatable item names so that players will see the name of the showed item in the language of their client!
 +**It works with almost every Bukkit chat plugin!** (Also works in DiscordSRV) If you find one that doesn't work (and is free/open source) then contact me and I will look into it! It also works together with [ChestShop](https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chestshop.51856/) to display hover messages and item infos in buy/sell messages.
 +## Info
 +- [SpigotMC.org resource page](https://showitem.phoenix616.dev)
 - [Frequently Asked Questions](faq) - [Frequently Asked Questions](faq)
 - [Commands](commands) - [Commands](commands)
 - [Permissions](permissions) - [Permissions](permissions)
 - [Info about the item icons](itemicons) - [Info about the item icons](itemicons)
 +- [Chat Placeholder](chatplaceholder)
 - [Config](config) - [Config](config)
 +- Test server: `test.phoenix616.dev`
 - IRC channel: [#showitem on irc.spi.gt](https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.spi.gt/#showitem) - IRC channel: [#showitem on irc.spi.gt](https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.spi.gt/#showitem)
-- [Discord channel](https://discord.gg/hX2EBr9)+- [Discord channel](https://discord.gg/bWG5rEETeq)
 - [Issue tracker](https://gitlab.com/Phoenix616/ShowItem/-/issues) - [Issue tracker](https://gitlab.com/Phoenix616/ShowItem/-/issues)
-- [JavaDocs](https://docs.phoenix616.dev/showit+- [JavaDocs](https://docs.phoenix616.dev/showitem) 
 +## Screenshots 
 +Not bought yet? 
 +[[{buttons:dollar.png}https://l.phoenix616.dev/showitempurchase|Buy on Spigot]]  
 +[[{buttons:bitcoin.png}https://l.phoenix616.dev/showitemob|Buy on OpenBazaar]]