Documentation about ExtraFirework's config.yml options.

The default values are always compatible for the latest version, if you need to set the plugin up with an older version (currently only necessary for 1.12 and 1.13) then please take a look at these default configs.


Log some more debug information

Default: true


The language file to be used for the plugin's messages and item names. (Already created items will not be effected if this is changed!)

Default: en


By default the plugin submits some metrics to bStats and my own server, this disables that.

Default: false


Whether or not to check for updates. Ingame notifications are controlled by the extrafireworks.updatenotification permission.

Default: true


Section to specify where to download the skins for the player face/head effect.



Where to download skins from when only the skull owner name is known. Use %name% as the placeholder for the name.



Where to download skins from when the skull owner uuid is known. Use %uuid% as the placeholder for the name.



Where to download skins from when only the skull texture ID is known. Use %texture% as the placeholder for the name.



How many hours the skin data should be cached before it is re-downloaded.

Default: 24


Colors with RGB values below this will be treated as transparent when displaying maps in transparent mode

Default: 100


Toggle whether or not particles will be shown to a player even when the explosion happens further away.

This might cause client-side lag and maybe server lag with large amounts of fireworks!

Default: true


Amount of seconds that certain static effects (text, map, heads, custom) should be displayed for.

Setting this to a too high value might cause client/server lag!

Default: 3.0


Define the material name that you add additionally to the gunpowder to craft a firework star for the respective effect.

None of them support fade colors or twinkles (glowstone)! Trails (diamond) works though as that doesn't affect the effect but the trail left behind by the rocket!


Normal explosion (doesn't destroy blocks), the more TNT the loader/bigger it gets. Dyes don't do anything

Default: tnt


Show the custom name of the item that is used for crafting as a text.

Without dyes this will use fire particles for the text for best visibility, with dye it uses the respective color.

Default: name_tag


This will show the content of the map. The colors will be the ones on the map. Might work with image to map plugins depending on how they apply the images

Default: filled_map


What item should be used for coloring. This is only for internal use and can be any of the dyes, it will only need to be changed if running the plugin on an older server version.

The plugin will automatically register recipes for all possible dyes.

Default: black_dye


What to add to only show light colors with particles and dark transparent.

Default: glass

Use the texture on a skull to show the face as a 2D image. When adding the box item it will display all sides.

This will only need to be changed for older server versions.

Default: player_head


What item should be added to make the map and text effect display a box (without the top or bottom side)

Default: paper


A snowing effect with white particles that float towards the ground. The more of the item gets added when crafting the more of the effect is shown.

Default: snowball


A simple fountain effect that points in the direction of the firework rocket when it explodes. Without dye: fire particles, with dye: the respective color.

Default: torch


You can define custom (2D) effects based on images here. Works similar to the maps, if you use real transparencies it works best though.



The image in the images folder on which the custom effect is based on.


The scale of the image (blocks per pixel)


How many particles should be used to display one pixel


The material(s) to use for crafting a firework star with the defined effect. Can be a list too if you want to require multiple items.


Whether the effect should always be in a box shape. (true/false) Enabling this will disallow crafting the item to a box automatically.


Whether the effect should always display dark color as transparent. (true/false) Enabling this will disallow crafting the item with the transparent modifier automatically.


The particle to use to display the effect. Use redstone if you want the particles to have RGB colors


The color the effect should have, forces the particle to redstone. Set to an empty string if you don't want a color. E.g. if you want only a red outline use colors: "255,0,0"


Specify custom sounds to play at the explosion location when the effect gets displayed. See this list for sounds available in the Vanilla game. (Resource pack sounds are supported too!)

Defining a custom sound will not play the normal explosion sound if the firework doesn't have a Vanilla firework effect!

Can be multiple and omit the category or volume or pitch and uses the following syntax: <sound>[,<category>][,<volume>[,<pitch>]]


Allow certain options to be applied by the player by adding items while crafting. If not set it's assumed that it's allowed!


Whether or not to allow adding the box item (default: paper) to display the effect as a box.


Allow user to toggle transparency by adding the transparent item (default: glass)


Allow user to color the image effect by adding a dye item while crafting. Will force the particle to redstone if the player uses a dye. Coloring works best with images with lots of transparency or single colors.

If no dye is provided it will use the specified particle.


    image: cowface.png
    scale: 1
    density: 4
    recipe: leather
    box: false
    transparent: false
    particle: "redstone"
    colors: ""
    - "entity.cow.ambient,master,10,1"
      box: true
      transparency: false
      coloring: false