Land protection and group management plugin which includes the following features:

  • Found and level settlements
  • Create alliances and empires with own worlds
  • Claim land and outposts as well as rent them off
  • Advanced chat map to view and modify claims
  • Extensive access management from general build rights to individual block interactions
  • Link multiple plots together to share settings and access rights between them
  • Inbuilt friend system to automatically give access to locks and plots to your friends
  • Daily upkeep and tax system
  • Automatic abandonment management of settlements and empires with raid-mode
  • Perks system to purchase/unlock certain effects for your settlement or empire (optional)
  • Grant players extra claim and outpost points that they can donate to settlements or empires
  • Competing of settlements in configurable events (optional)
  • Deeply integrated chat management with curse filtering (optional)
  • Configurable settlement and empire ranks with highly configurable rights
  • Multiple, user configurable rank titles
  • Chest/block locking with advanced access management (optional, integrates with LWC too)
  • Enhanced portal functionality for quick travel in own settlement with nether portals (optional)
  • Scoreboard sidebar (optional)
  • Per settlement/empire shops using ChestShop
  • Placeholders for other plugins using PlaceholderAPI

All functionality is accessible via easy to use GUIs and optional functionality that expands upon the plugin's core (chat, events, locks, portals, sidebar) can be configured and disabled individually via the config files and all commands can be disabled via permissions.

Integrates with the following plugins: