These are the actions that can be performed by the plugin to react on the status of the resourcepack prompt.

They can be used in the config or in the commands.

All actions that send some kind of message or command support usage of ampersands (&) for color and formatting codes.

In all actions you can use %pack% to get the name of the pack and %player% for the name of the player!

You can also use lang:some.language.key in the action value to send messages from the language files in the player's language! (Even supported for sending to different servers if you have per-language servers) You can just add your own language key somewhere in the language files.

Available Actions


Sends a message to the player.


Send a title (multi-line strings don't work in titles, subtitles and action bar messages)


Send a subtitle (can be used with or without the title action)


Set the title's fade in timing (in ticks)


Set the title's stay timing (in ticks)


Set the title's fade out timing (in ticks)


Send a message in the action bar chat slot above the user's inventory bar (supported natively on Bungee, Velocity and modern Spigot versions. For older versions use ActionBarAPI)


Kicks the player from the proxy or the server with the value of this action as the kick message


Sends the player to a specific server (Bungee version) or world (Bukkit version), the value of this action is the server's/world's name!


Execute a command as the console of the server or proxy that FRP is running on.

You can define multiple commands as a list or multiline string.


Execute a command as the player who reacted on the status. ou can define multiple commands as a list or multiline string.

Please note that the player needs the permission to run the command and that the command is run on the server or proxy the plugin is run on! If you want to run commands on the Minecraft server either install FRP there too and configure it so that it reacts on the statuses there with the commands or use a separate plugin which can forward commands from the proxy to the Minecraft server.