Item Icons

This plugin can use an updated version of WolfieMario's Text Icon Resourcepack (updated pack links see below, don't use the one from the imgur album!) or any other resource pack which uses modified fonts for item characters to display an icon in the chat in front of the item's name which is a retextured Chinese Han symbol. Enable this functionality by setting the texticon-rp option to true in the config.yml and set WolfieMario's pack as your server resourcepack or integrate the changed chinese font sheets in your current server resourcepack.

If you want to have more control your server resourcepacks and which players see the icons in chat then you can use one of my free BungeeResourcepacks/VelocityResourcepacks or WorldResourcepacks plugins or the enhanced ForceResourcepacks version to force your users to use the pack!

Note for Chinese users

With the default settings a part of the unified Han-symbols section in the Unicode standard is overridden by the item icons so if you need these symbols you have to use a different area of the unicode standard.

The easiest is to just change the offset in the mapping's configs to 0xAC00 and use a modified icon resource pack. (see table below) These will use the modern Korean Hangul Syllables area of the Unicode instead which shouldn't interfere with Chinese Han Symbols as far as I'm aware.

If you want to use a different Unicode area then you will have to edit the names of the font files inside the resource pack accordingly.

Resource pack versions

Here are the links for the different client versions, once for global users and then for Chinese (as they need other symbols see the paragraph before)

Version Global Chinese
1.8-1.12.2 Link Link
1.13 and above Link Link

Common issues

Why aren't any item icons shown in the chat?

Check if you have set the texticon-rp option in your config.yml to true. (Note: You also need to use Wolfie Mario's text icon resourcepack for that to work properly! For more info see this site)

Why do Chinese symbols show after enabling the texticon-rp option?

These icons are Chinese Han symbols that get replaced via this resourcepack which you have to use for the icons to display right! (The best way for all users to get it are server resourcepacks! E.g. with my ForceResourcepacks plugin.)

If you don't want to show those icons then you can set texticon-rp to false in your config.yml.

Now that I see the icons they seem to display the wrong item?

That can only happen if the mapping in the iconrpmapping.yml are wrong ‒ either for this item or all of them. If you changed the file try deleting it and letting it regenerate. If you did not do such a thing contact me with the items which are wrong and I will try to provide you with a fix/update!