forceresourcepacks.command - Access to the /frp command
forceresourcepacks.command.reload - Access to /frp reload
forceresourcepacks.command.generatehashes - Access to /frp generatehashes
forceresourcepacks.command.version - Access to /frp version

forceresourcepacks.command.usepack - Access to /usepack
forceresourcepacks.command.usepack.others - Send packs to other players via the /usepack command
forceresourcepacks.command.usepack.temporary- Select whether or not the selected pack is only temporary or should be stored and re-applied

forceresourcepacks.command.resetpack - Access to /resetpack
forceresourcepacks.command.resetpack.others - Reset the pack of other players
forceresourcepacks.command.resetpack.temporary - Reset whether or not the pack should only be temporary reset and not stored

forceresourcepacks.command.getpack - Access to /frp getpack
forceresourcepacks.command.getpack.others - Get the applied pack of other players

forceresourcepacks.command.getstoredpack - Access to /frp getstoredpack
forceresourcepacks.command.getstoredpack.others - Get the stored pack of other players

forceresourcepacks.command.packusage - Access to /frp packusage
forceresourcepacks.command.addpack - Access tpo /frp addpack
forceresourcepacks.command.pack - Access to /frp pack to edit packs

forceresourcepacks.command.assignment - Access to /frp assignment to add and edit server/world assignments
forceresourcepacks.command.deleteassignment - Access to /frp deleteassignment to delete a server/world assignment
forceresourcepacks.command.globalassignment - Access to /frp globalassignment to view and edit the global assignment

forceresourcepacks.pack.<packname> - Gives access to a pack via the /usepack command, you can define these permissions via the config.yml on per pack basis

forceresourcepacks.updatenotification - Get ingame update notifications

forceresourcepacks.bypass.required - Bypasses the “required” setting which will make 1.17+ clients unable to reject a download prompt
forceresourcepacks.bypass.<assignment>.required - Bypasses the “required” setting of a specific assignment
forceresourcepacks.bypass.<action> - Bypass a certain action for all statuses and assignments
forceresourcepacks.bypass.<status>.<action> - Bypass a certain action for a certain status in all assignments
forceresourcepacks.bypass.<assignment>.<action> - Bypass a certain action of a certain assignment for all statuses
forceresourcepacks.bypass.<assignment>.<status>.<action> - Bypass a certain action for a certain status of a certain assignment