For now you can find the default configs on gist! This page is work in progress. There will be a more detailed explanation of the config options soon.

The configs for the different platforms are slightly different, read this update note for information on how the Bukkit config differs from the Bungee/velocity one or just take a look at the default configs linked previously.


Default: true

Log some stuff about the players packs to the console (pack sending and the status, turn that of on large servers!)

Setting it to true means that messages will be logged at the INFO level, false makes it not log to the terminal/default log using the FINE level.

For advanced settings you can use any JUL Level where OFF will completely disable the code sending the debug logs.


The key.yml contains an authentication key used for securing the communication between a proxy and the Minecraft servers. This should be generated automatically on the proxy and populated automatically on first join through the proxy on the Minecraft server, but you can also manually define it in the key.yml file on the key as a string.

If you don't run a proxy then the file should automatically be set to key: "" the second time any player joins which means no plugin messages are accepted. Of course, you can prepopulate it with that value.